What Is Accident Insurance?


As we know, today's cost for hospitalization, emergency-room care, and outpatient recovery can cost more than an average family earns in a month, yet millions of Americans are not prepared to pay for any expenses that medical insurance will not cover in full. Supplemental accident insurance can help pay for those uncovered expenses.

Accident protection policies provide specified benefits for hospitalization, emergency room care, recovery income, outpatient surgery, and more.

Four Ways An Accident And Injury Plan Will Take Care Of You And Your Family:
1. Coverage begins immediately without a waiting period. 
2. Benefits are paid directly to you or to whomever you choose.
3. It can provide peace of mind: You are protected twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year, both on the job and off. 
4. Coverage is personalized, with either individual or family plan protection.

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