Financial Technology is #FINTECH: 4 Free Apps To Help You Budget and Save:

Dollarbird: The smart calendar app for your finances. Add past or future income and expenses to a calendar that calculates the impact on your balance, as well as spending by category.

Level Money:  Designed to recreate the experience of opening your wallet, the app subtracts recurring expenses and savings from your income before dividing up what’s left to tell you what you can spend each month, day or week.

Mint: Created by Intuit, the company that brought you Quickbooks, Mint helps you see the clear overall picture of your money and create budgets that are automatically updated from your bank accounts. Knowing where you stand in real time is paramount.  

Chime: A bank account that helps you lead a healthier life and automate your savings. You get a Visa debit card, spending and savings accounts, and the app that makes banking easier than ever.

We hope you enjoy the summer months and cheers to your good health,

TWP Financial