Update from Covered California: Your Coverage And The Covered California Program Will Not Change For 2017

Based on the recent federal election results, many of you may have questions and concerns about how the change of administration in Washington, D.C. may impact Covered California and your coverage. It is important for you to know, in the short-term, your coverage and the Covered California program will not change for 2017.

If you have renewed your plan for 2017, please be assured:

  • Your coverage will remain intact for the full year
  • Your financial assistance is protected under the law
  • Your rate for 2017 will not change

If you have not yet renewed your plan for 2017, in addition to the assurances above, remember:

  • You can and should shop to be sure your current plan provides you with the best value
  • If you want to change your plan for January 2017, you need to do so by December 15

Your health plan is not just for when you or your family members are sick. It’s also important to use the preventive care that is available to you when you are well that can help you stay healthy. And, having a health plan in place to help cover the cost of ‘life’s unexpected moments’ is a big reason people choose to have health insurance. This financial protection for you and your family will give you peace of mind knowing you'll have it when you need it! It is also important to know that with our benefit designs, most care, such as visits to your doctor outside of the hospital, are covered from your first visit and not subject to any deductible.

Thank you for being a Covered California member and we will keep you informed about any changes in the future.

The Covered California Team