Indexed Universal Life Insurance Versus Fixed-Indexed Annuities As Retirement -Planning Vehicles; Article on Drew Horter of Horter Investment Management, “Trumpcare”


Dear Clients,
We are passionate about helping our clients with lifetime financial planning, to protect their health and wealth.  Two major components to protecting wealth with no risk are Iife insurance and annuities.  The two products that seem to suit many of our clients are Indexed Universal Life Insurance and Fixed-Index Annuities.

What are these vehicles and how can they help you achieve your retirement planning goals?

Both the Indexed Universal Life Policy (IUL) and Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA) use established Indexes (like the S&P 500 for example) as a guideline only to potentially increase returns.  To be completely clear, your money is never put into any Index.  There is an established cap in the index – meaning your return will never go above the cap.  When the chosen index goes up, your return goes up.  And when the index goes down your return goes down, but never below zero.  So you never lose money. 

An Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policy not only provides you with a death benefit, but it also allows for tax-deferred growth on cash that you accrue like a savings account with no risk.  It can be a very good investment.

A Fixed-Indexed Annuity is for safeguarding against living longer than your money lasts because it guarantees income for life.  Depending on your situation, a fixed-indexed annuity can be very advisable financial product to own. This vehicle also offers tax-deferred growth with no risk.  This can bring real peace of mind.

Horter Investment Management, LLC
Several years ago we decided to expand into low-risk investing, to give you another vehicle to potentially grow and protect your money.  We then spent two years searching for the right investment team to work with.  We picked Horter Investment because of their track record and tactical investing approach.
Here is a recent article in Forbes on Drew Horter, the Founder of Horter Investment Management, LLC.
We want you to have peace of mind to free up time and attention for your lives and your loved ones. Please schedule an appointment with us to go over your options with life planning. Our services are always free.

Proposed Trumpcare Health Plan
Like you, we are still waiting from Congress to hear what the new proposed health care plan would look like. So far it has been estimated that the current proposed health plan would cause:

  • 23 million people to lose coverage
  • Cut $834 billion from Medicaid and defund Planned Parenthood
  • Raise insurance rates for older consumers
  • Phase out Medicaid expansion
  • Cut middle-class subsidies by 15%
  • Big tax cuts for wealthy Americans and big cuts in federal health spending
  • Only 8% of Americans think the Senate should pass the healthcare bill as is.

It is unclear at this time how the State of California would be effected by proposed federal healthcare law changes. We will update you on our opinion and stance as the year progresses.

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