The TWP Difference in Choosing a Health Plan

photo by  Rebecca Culbreth


  1. We really are experts in Los Angeles County for the networks, hospitals, and drugs. We know the connections in the systems, what to avoid, and what to do. You can always call us for advice if you are uncertain about a certain kind of care or how to proceed.
  2. We go out of our way to help our clients in other counties in California. We will spend hours figuring out the networks in a certain region if we do not already know the information. In many ways the networks are all connected or work in the same format. There are always exceptions to the rule, and there are many factors in each county. Our breadth of knowledge grows every year and we are confident that we can help you find the best solution to your health insurance needs.
  3. We connect the dots for you. Part of our free service to our clients is to do a provider and drug search based on each client need and preference. If your preferred doctor has just switched networks, that is good to know before open enrollment.
  4. We always pick up the phone and are accessible for our clients. Need help? Call us 424-288-4254 or email us. No question is too big or too small.
  5. To give the right advice and be wholeheartedly behind something. If you really care about the client and want to do what’s best for them then you want to go the extra mile and do what’s best for them. Out of love for the client you really want to make sure you can wholeheartedly recommend something.
  6. To KNOW our products inside and out.  Whenever there is a question that we’re shaky or unsure about the best and correct answer we go to task to find out. We find the answer because we have a deep desire to have all our ground covered and truly be the best source of information for our clients. It is our business. Sometimes we can go down rabbit holes that started with shaky ground that needed lots of excavation. We end up learning heaps of information we did not know.
  7. Education and collaboration.  We want to be in a collaborative experience with our clients so we can properly educate them and they can be the ones to determine what they want, what is best for them. We are not here to sell you anything: we are here to advise you and fight for you, should you need it.