Financial Planning Open Enrollment Is Here

Dear Client,

Happy New Year 2018! The year is off and running.  Open Enrollment for health insurance is winding down and we want to thank all of the new clients that came on board during this time and our most treasured renewing clients.  We not only appreciate your business but also enjoy our interactions with you.

 Now that open enrollment is coming to a close, we can once again focus on Medicare clients and on helping people get low risk and low volatility money management.  Whether you are a pre-retiree, retiree, or a conservative investor we want you to have a better financial future.


January is a good time to review your financial assets and plans and go over any long and short-term changes you want to make. If you have never had a financial planning appointment with us before, please consider doing so for your financial health and well-being. The appointment is free, and we offer the following:

  1. 1. A risk assessment test to make sure you can sleep at night with your investments
  2. 2. An evaluation of your current investments so you have a better understanding of the fees you are paying and what is likely to happen to your investments if the market were to take a downturn.
  3. 3. Create a plan so you can reach your financial goals and avoid running out of money in your retirement.  

To make an appointment to get your 2018 financial planning underway: