Important Healthcare Update

The Country is embarking on the biggest change in Healthcare since adding Medicare. Unfortunately, it is a messy process, but we are here to help you get through it. Here is the latest that we know about the upcoming Open Enrollment period.

Covered California is slowly getting everything together. We most likely won’t have the ability to enroll people with them until October 10. We are frustrated by this delay, but it is out of our control.

Anthem Blue Cross has not yet had their rates approved by the California Department of Insurance.  They have told us that they will release the rates and plans as soon as possible, but they have not given us a date.

Blue Shield has released their rates and plans.  If you are our Blue Shield client we can talk to you about your new rates if you were to stay on a similar plan with them, but we will not have the opportunity to shop new plans for you until all the other carriers are active. Some people’s rates have doubled (including ours), some have gone up 5-7% and others have gone down.

CIGNA will not release their new rates until November 1.  If you are a CIGNA client you will be offered the opportunity to renew your plan through December 2014; however, we will not know your new rates until November.

HealthNet has released their rates and plans.  If you are a HealthNet client you will be receiving a letter from them next week about your options.  We will be able to speak with you then as well.

If you are with another carrier like AetnaKaiser, or Pacific Care, we will be in touch with you soon once the quoting engines open!

That’s all the news for now!  We wish it was more positive but the dust is starting to settle. We will keep sending out newsletters as we know more.

As always, we send you our best wishes and have a good weekend.