Important Payment Notice For Blue Shield Clients: Action Required April 3-9th 2017

Dear Clients, 

Blue Shield is rolling out a new payment system that requires action.

If you are receiving this notice, it means you have to make a payment change on your Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plan or your Grandfathered Individual Plan. 

1. If you pay by check in the mail, you do not have to do anything. Continue as normal. You can disregard the rest of this letter.

2. If you currently pay by Easy$Pay FROM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT (not a debit or credit card) you have to re-enroll. We have to submit your new Easy$Pay forms between April 3-9th. Click here to download the new Easy$Pay form, fill it out and email it back to us at between now and April 9th. The sooner the better. If you send us this form after April 9th, you cannot enroll in Easy$Pay until June and will have to make a month's payment direct to Blue Shield. 

3. If you currently pay by Easy$Pay FROM YOUR CREDIT CARD then you have to call Blue Shield between April 3-9th to re-enroll on Easy$Pay through your credit card. The number to call is 888-256-3650. We cannot do this step for you. 

4.If you pay by Credit Card over the phone please note that their system will be down from March 31- April 3rd and cannot process payment.