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Oscar Comes To California

OSCAR comes to CA: If you have been noticing all the health insurance advertisements in the last few weeks then you have surely noticed the new player in California named OSCAR. Oscar is marketing themselves as very tech oriented, particularly with a phone app that gives you access to 24/7 doctor visits over the phone, and a fit bit tracker that rewards you with Amazon gift cards for achieving your fitness goals.  For people who do not go to the doctor very much and just want coverage, Oscar may be worth checking out. 

However, here is TWP’s analysis of Oscar for 2016 in LA County:

1.       Oscar in new in California and that means their network is very small. How small? Pretty darn small. You can search their network here: https://www.hioscar.com/search/CA/doctors

2.       Oscar is new which means they are an unknown. An unknown is an unknown. For people who enjoyed the new to California health insurance company Assurant can attest, two years later after the Affordable Care Act began we are having to move every client to a new plan because they are now not offering Major Medical Coverage in the United States.

3.       Oscar is only offering an EPO, which means “exclusive provider network”. In human speak this means that only the doctors in Oscar’s network will accept this coverage. This is not a big deal if you never go to the doctor or if you want to use this network. This is a very big deal if you have specific doctors that you see often and they are not in the network.

4.       We recommend Oscar to those who rarely go to the doctor, enjoy tech and how it is working to make our lives easier, and want to experiment being on the cutting edge of a new health insurance company in California.

If you would like, you can sign up directly with Oscar on their nifty and clean website through our broker link here, and/ or pass this on to your friends and family: https://www.hioscar.com/brokers/referral/715 The benefit of having us as your broker rather than being on your own is that there is no cost to you and we can call the health companies for you be your advocate to help with any situations that tend to arise regarding billing, payment, processing, etc.  

Oscar's List of 2016 Participating Hospitals in LA County: 

● Providence St. Joseph Medical Center ● Providence Holy Cross Medical Center ● Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center - Torrance ● Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center - San Pedro ● Providence Tarzana Medical Center ● Providence St. John’s Health Center ● Good Samaritan Hospital ● St. Joseph Hospital of Orange ● St. Jude Medical Center ● Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian ● Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center - Main ● Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center - Laguna Beach ● Huntington Memorial Hospital ● Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital ● UCLA Medical Center - Santa Monica ● UCLA Medical Center - Ronald Reagan