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Build a Better Financial Portfolio With Proper Planning

Whether you are a pre-retiree, retiree, or conservative investor, we want you to have a better financial future. We want you to realize financial success for whatever your time horizon is with a portfolio that has carefully managed risk and volatility. 

We are an investment advisor firm under Horter Investment Management, LLC

What We Do
We offer a free review of your current portfolio. Many people do not know what investments they are in and would like a better understanding of where their hard-earned dollars are invested. 
We can help make sure that your investments are within your risk tolerance.  

One question we commonly ask is, “What is the maximum market loss you would accept before you would begin to feel very uncomfortable?” 

Many people say 10% or 20%.  

Another important question is, “Do you know how much your mutual funds or stocks went down in 2008?” We can do this research for you and go over the results in an easy to understand manner. 

We can also show you how to help protect your assets from significant stock market corrections or from rising interest rates. 

As a fiduciary, we can show you how we are different than employees of big banks or brokerage firms. 

We can help you simplify your financial life.